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Live by the gluegun, die by the gluegun.

Cincinnati Craft Mafia
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Greetings from Cincinnati!
This community is the blog-form of the CCMZine that appears in every order mailed by Cincinnati Craft Mafia. In it, you'll find tutorials, recipes, interviews, articles, and the occasional rant.

CCMZine is a cute little old-school zine about what we all love best, crafty people and the unhealthy attachments they've formed with their art supplies. Is your glue gun the only one who understands you? Do you wish your bedazzler could be your boyfriend? Then this is the zine for you.

This blog is maintained by the CCM familia.

Interviews have included:
Glue and Glitter.
La Fée Coriandre.

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Anyone may join.
If you have a D.I.Y. business, and are looking for some exposure, email familia@cincinnaticraftmafia.com, and we'll set up an interview with one of the CCM members.

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You scratch our backs, we'll scratch yours. Got it?

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